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About Us

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

We provide consultation to help individuals in need of crisis intervention.

We provide one-on-one sessions through our virtual platform. We educate you on how to deal with stressful situations through meditation and other holistic manners.



~Source: Harris Insights & Analytics LLC

Suicide is not seen as inevitable; most adults believe there are indications ahead of time and something can be done to try to help.

• 93% feel suicide is preventable

at least sometimes.

• 78% would be interested in learning

how to play a role in helping someone who may be suicidal.


 My Name is Diane Randell,  and I am the Executive Director of Cala Cares Suicide Prevention Corporation. I was born and raised in Miami-Dade County and have a Bachelor's Degree in Business.

I serve as a mentor for Big Brothers Big Sisters and have held many professional roles, which includes, Director of Student Services and Crisis Intervention Coach, just to name a few.

The title that I am most passionate about is being a mother. In my opinion, this is the MOST prestigious and challenging role to have. I am a Mother who has lost a child to suicide.

This is how my organization was birth!

Losing a child to suicide has made me committed to helping others in crisis! 

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